• current website performance meeting expectations?
  • do you want a smart interactive website?
  • are you generating enough leads?
  • do you want to be able to control your own website?
  • could you be receiving more orders?
  • control your website with the minimum amount of time?
  • can you update your site from your smart phone?
  • website control from your smart phone?
  • can you respond to site visitors from your smart phone?
  • live chat with your web visitors?


  • interact directly with your website visitors
  • update your site from your smart phone
  • make your website work for you
  • integrated smart phone tools that minimise your effort
  • engage with your customers whilst they are keen
Rapid, smart integrated website design and development from £199 built within 48 hours


a smart integrated website can...

So you have a website, great! Is it working for you, or do you think you could do better? So you would like a new website, great! We build smart integrated websites that harness the power of the internet and the smart phone so that you do less administration and more of the enjoyable business activities that you love. If you are still reliant on email notifications from your website visitors, it is time to review your current set up and save time, effort and ultimately money. Get ahead of your competitors with our Lead Converter Module, included FREE with every website. By reacting to customer enquiries in real-time increasing customer engagement and closing deals when the customer is keen to make that decision rather than delaying it until you have had time to respond to their email. With 1-click responses from your smart phone you can convert a website enquiry into a sale within seconds. Add the optional Online Payment Plugin for processing deposits and payments for your products and services.
Replace booking/appointment enquiry emails with a smart phone 1 click response thus ensuring you respond to your potential customer's request as quickly as possible. This is very re-assuring for the customer and they are less likely to continue browsing for alternatives if you have already confirmed their enquiry. The online Booking Manager Module can be used from your smart phone or any other device to interact with your customers booking requests sending pre-formed emails or text messages to them. The customer can respond from their smart phone with one click to accept alternative times or dates if their initial request is impossible to fulfil. The Booking Manager Module uses a simple 'traffic light' system for managing the status of bookings, red when received and not yet viewed. Yellow, viewed and possibly negotiating the time/date. Green is all good and booking accepted. You can also view a list of current or future bookings on the click of a button. This is great for simple customer interactions if you need more than this then you can activate the Customer Account Manager option which creates a customer account with each booking enquiry which enables the customer to login online and continue further interactions or view their enquiry status.
Online ordering has become the norm and this method of shopping is still growing in popularity. Don't get left behind, our Product Catalogue Manager Module includes everything you need to manage your product and price portfolio, add the Online Payment Plugin to enable full online ordering and payment facilities. This will enable you to capture your customers orders and collect payment 24/7. The Online Payment Plugin accepts most major cards and methods of payment including ApplePay. We set up the payment provider for you, you then take full control of this, we have no ongoing access to your online payments. Our current preferred provider, Stripe.com, charge competetive commision on sales and release payments to your bank account within a few days.
Location tracking has many uses you only need to look at the rise of Uber, Deliveroo and JustEat to name a few. Without this smart phone capability these businesses wouldn't exist. You can add the Location Tracking Module to provide more information for your customers or for tracking your own delivery system or indeed track your employees who maybe working in a Lone Worker situation. Location tracking can also be used for expense tracking in the context of recording mileage travelled between appoinments. It can report on time spent at locations and provide a monetary value for both time and distance covered. The Location Tracking Module can be configured to provide some or all of these functions.
Mobile ordering apps are great for garnering customer loyalty. Used in conjunction with our Online Ordering Module and our Order To Table Module you can enable ordering whether your customer is currently at the table in your establishment or at home wanting to place a takeaway or delivered order. If you are a bar or restaurant you may wish to add our Location Tracking Module to advertise to available Uber/JustEat freelancers that you require them to pick up a package for delivery. Or you may just wish to track your own delivery operatives or provide delivery location information to the customer.